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PDA Group Keffier glass partition and partition wall engineering management objectives and construction organization

On - site construction fire isolation installation program - management system and on - site organization

1. Management objectives

1.1 Quality objectives: the installation of a project acceptance rate, 100%.

1.2 Duration target: According to the customer site construction in batches into the way construction, to ensure the completion time on time.

1.3 Safety objectives: to ensure that no work accidents, to prevent fatal accidents.

1.4 Civilized construction objectives: CI image to the company standard.

2. Site management organization

Project construction management led by the deputy general manager of the company, with the same type of project management experience in the management of the outstanding management of the project leading group, under the leadership of the company to give full play to the overall advantages of enterprises, in accordance with business management, GB / T19001-ISO9001 standard model The establishment of the quality assurance system to operate, the formation of a comprehensive quality management as the central link to professional management and computer management combined with a scientific management system, efficient partition wall assembly and optimization of enterprise and social factors of production, in order to achieve my excellent The quality of the enterprise policy and quality objectives, as well as the commitment to Party A.

In order to standardize the management of the project, the site leading group will implement the "Management Manual", "Quality Assurance Manual" and "CI Workbook" issued by the company.

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