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China Minmetals Corporation is an international mining company, adhering to the "cherish the limited, creating unlimited" concept of development, is committed to providing global quality service. The company mainly engaged in metal minerals explorati

Project Name : Minmetals Group Building
Address : Beijing, China
Project detail : crystals series double clear glass glass partition


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PDA Beijing Branch is the one that builds China Minmetals Group ice crystal double glass partition project. Ice crystal series double wall has been through the rigorous mechanical professional test. The profile design is thick and orderly, with wall thickness of 3.0-4.2mm, whose strength is far higher than other similar products in the market; in line with the national standards for high precision aluminum alloy profiles.

Double wall thickness has two types, that is, 108mm and 80mm. The skeleton structure of occlusal buckle design, solid and stable, fully in line with ISO7892 vertical component anti-impact test international standards; width of only 8mm, breaking the traditional tradition of coarse, delicate and meticulous, so that the permeability of the glass partition and the whole Sense can be fully realized.

In the ceiling with a fixed keel can be installed decompression reed, can solve the pressure of building subsidence on the partition wall system,  sedimentation range of ± 20mm; 10mm tempered glass, glass using Org original film, permeability and smoothness; Quality meets the relevant national and industry standards.

In the profile of the socket, profiles and panels, profiles and days, earth, wall connections are used in large, medium and small three different porous seal, the manufacture of multiple cavity noise reduction, sound insulation, completely blocked the sound transmission Of the various possibilities of the channel, sound insulation performance of 40db or more; all seals are not exposed to ensure that the partition wall clean and neat.

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