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British PDA group is the world's leading steel fire partition, glass partition, partition manufacturer, PDA group China branch because business grows need, recruiting partition wall of sales elite.

Job responsibilities:

1. Seriously implement the group company sales management rules and implementation rules, efforts to improve the level of their business.

2. Actively complete rules or commitment of sales indicators, providing customers with initiative, enthusiasm, satisfaction, and thoughtful service.

3. Responsible for the sales contracts with customers, urge contract duly perform normally, and again the sale amount receivable owe.

4. Customers in the process of the sale and use of the problems, must go through the formalities of, help or contact the relevant department or unit proper solution.

5. Collect glass partition, fire partition industry first-line marketing information and user opinions, the company marketing strategy, advertisement, after-sale service, product improvement reference opinions such as the new product development.

Job requirements:

1 have a certain market analysis, marketing ability;

2 experience with partition wall or fire partition is preferred.

3 good interpersonal, negotiation, analytical and problem solving skills;

4 work hard, honest, strong planning and strategic thinking;

5 have a strong sense of professionalism, with a certain pressure bearing pressure.

Unlimited space for development, we invite you to participate in the growth!

Interested candidates can send their resume to the company or send mail to the personnel department.

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