The office high partition door


Company engineering, the installation of office glass partition is the need for professional and technical, the general decoration company is not professional enough, the enterprise itself is not to save money and their own hands-on installation, office high partition installation is in place related to the use of security. Perhaps we see high compartment installation technician at installation time feel nothing difficult ah, is the point of junction stay put, there are some of the more important details not contempt, PDA group of Beijing glass partition installation engineer will inform you these little details, to teach you how to identify high install office cubicle partition door of the little details.

1, in the installation of office glass partition door, the top of the door and the door can be opened on the following axis, to prevent the door can not be opened and closed;

2, fire glass doors to use steel weighing skeleton, support the rotation of the shaft must be welded on the balance beam to prevent the door shaft due to prolonged use and fall off;

3, spring in the pre buried to dig a rectangular hole in the ground area, it is the spring base 10mm, and by the strength of cement sealed, 48 hours after the cement solidification can be installed in the glass door, the door along the distance from 8 to 12mm, to prevent the door from sagging wipe;

4, the door to the bottom of the door to the center of the door frame, the installation of the glass door on the beautiful;

5, fire glass doors on the beam along the distance from 3 to 6mm, to prevent the door and the door clamp connection will not fall off;

6, fire glass doors installed, to connect to the site and door clip and get some butter, can make the door rotate flexibly, can also use more time.

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