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PDA comprehensive service assurance measures:

Perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, and wholeheartedly for the sake of customers, the design of fashionable partition wall style, for customers to create a new, comfortable ,healthy and ideal office homes.

Special professional consultants, specifically to follow up large-scale projects, who come up with project ideas to the implementation of the finished, for customers all RBI. The sales consultant is well trained to handle all transactions between the designer and the contractor, follow up the order and engineering details, ensure the delivery and installation of the product, and handle all the details of the construction site.

Through advanced computer graphics equipment, to help you plan the most space-saving, the most cost-effective office layout, the use of dynamic images, but also pre-show your future office appearance.

Personnel service: by my company designated a company business manager services.

PDA Group for all our construction of the glass partition, fire partitions and other partitions are undertaking quality assurance obligations.

Service details:

First, overview

The company has a complete sales, installation, repair, maintenance departments, and for their own goods warehouse and spare parts warehouse.  It can bear all the country's delivery, installation, repair, maintenance services.

Second, the warranty rules

1, the applicable regulations: the original purchase of the buyer in the purchase of a guaranteed interest in the use of the rights and interests applicable to the sale of the company to the purchaser of the fire cut off, glass partitions and all other partition wall products.

2, free maintenance regulations: the purchase of the company glass partitions, fire partitions and other products from the date of five-year warranty period, in the normal use of the product quality problems that affect the normal use of the customer, the company provides free on-site maintenance services, The remaining costs incurred, such as materials, transportation, labor, etc., are borne by the Company.

3, paid service regulations

A, five years after the warranty period, the product quality problems need more parts, will be charged at the cost of the current market parts costs, labor, transportation costs free of charge.

B, non-human control causes damage to the product, such as typhoons, floods, earthquakes and other irresistible natural disasters caused by, and man-made damage or the use of improper and non-company delivery, installation, remote relocation caused damage during transport , I will be dedicated to provide maintenance services. Need to replace the piano parts, will be at the time the cost of the market part of the cost of fees, labor, transportation fees free of charge.

4, replacement regulations

Special circumstances need to be replaced, subject to the instructions of the relevant departments of the company, the purchaser shall take the "purchase contract" and "product quality warranty", and retain the damaged parts for verification.

Third, the service plan

1. The company has a branch in Beijing, the negative handling of customer consulting and maintenance requirements, and to ensure that within 24 hours to send professional staff on-site service. Tel: 4006-120-340

2. After the delivery of products used, the company will regularly send professionals to visit the door to ensure the normal use of customers.

3. Supervision services: If the customer complaints, I set the Secretary for 24 hours complaints phone.

4. Quality services such as customers in the quality assurance period of non-human quality problems, the Division I will be unconditional replacement, by the sales manager personally apologize, and supervise the late quality problems.

5. Evaluation services: In January each year, I will provide customers with assessment by the customer assessment of our company within one year of service work.

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