New building materials

2017-08-20 Administrator

Glass has gradually become the new darling of building materials. Ordinary consumers may not be clear, it seems that a wide variety of ordinary glass, according to different needs of the corresponding glass is very necessary. In the common glass partition, glass partition is concise and lively, colorful glass partition refined, sandblasting or carving glass partition elegant, cracked glass partition mysterious, fireproof glass partition security...... different visual effect is actually all that depends on different material created.

Crack effect of the glass partition must be from the special tempered glass impact after fragmentation, through a special process of glue, so there will be no two identical patterns appear, in line with the modern pursuit of personality characteristics. The choice of such a glass partition is the first choice of pattern. Crack the best effect of fresh stretch.

Ordinary glass partition looks simple but actually not. One of the best is currently on the market is rarely seen laminated glass. The advantage of this glass is that the surface looks no different from ordinary glass, but in the event of an accidental impact, the glass fragments will be firmly stuck in the glass SaflexPVB film, will not collapse from debris, will not pose a threat to personal safety.

Glass experts pointed out that the laminated glass and flameproof glass is completely safe glass.

Color glass partition is a color art glass as a partition of the main body, the use of fantastic color transformation, to create a remarkable artistic effect. So the choice of stained glass partition, the most important thing is the color of the room with the overall style of decoration consistent. It must be emphasized that when the monolithic glass area is too large (such as more than 1 square meter), there is a relatively large safety hazard from the architectural point of view, so as not to affect the overall effect, as far as possible the glass should be split Into small pieces, or the appropriate increase in the proportion of the framework to reduce the risk of glass collision. If you can find a satisfactory color laminated glass is also a good choice. Sandblasted fireproof glass cut off its hazy and almost luxurious effect, is the other types of products are incomparable. Carved and sandblasted glass partition on the material requirements are the most demanding. Insiders pointed out that the glass partition generally requires high strength, safety performance of raw glass to produce. Tempered glass and laminated glass can meet their requirements. But when the glass engraved, the strength of tempered glass will be drastically reduced, even the surface scratches will have such an impact. When the stress increases, these defects will work, the most common is to cause the glass crack. Therefore, the use of tempered glass made of carved and sandblasting partition are not appropriate, and should be used, such as sandwich and other types of glass.

In addition, if you use the fire glass partition at the same time need sound insulation cut off, it is best to use laminated glass with interlayer. The company has tested the performance of SaflexPVB film rigorously, and the experiment shows that the membrane has the effect of acoustic barrier. With this film made of glass, for the audio in the 500 Hz above the noise barrier effect of 40 decibels, equivalent to the central part of the hustle and bustle into a whisper. The above is the installation of the requirements of the glass when the partition, the consumer must be treated with caution, to not the slightest negligence. Mastered these characteristics, the installation of the glass partition in the display designer's ingenuity at the same time can also reflect the love between people.