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Project Name : CASIC 239 Factory
Address : China Beijing
Project detail : Chris Double Glass Shutters Partition


PDA Beijing Company undertake the CASIC Company Chris double glass shutter glass partition wall project. 108 Chris series of double wall glass , has high impact degree are the advantages of this product, the top floor edge position elevation width 40mm, width of table plate between the aluminum 32mm; 100mm ultra wide keel width make the impact strength of the wall between the keel anyway 3mm thick galvanized steel plate by stamping right angle connection, and at the same time through drilling screw special design for the fixed lock, not only guarantees the connection firmness and improve the efficiency of the construction site; glass plate and aluminum frame are respectively provided with high density rubber contact strip and EVA sealing strips for insulation and wall buffer, in addition to the opaque plate table the insulation cotton can improve the sound insulation function.

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