Servier pharmaceutical company

October 20, 2001, France's largest wholly-owned pharmaceutical companies - Servier pharmaceutical factory in Beijing founded the "Servier (Beijing) Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd.". This is the 12th R & D center created by Schweizer in the worl

Project Name : Servier Pharmaceutical R & D Co., Ltd.
Address : China Beijing
Project detail : Brick series of single-layer glass partition + plate door


PDA Beijing glass partition company contract Servier medicine Brick series of single - layer glass partition + plate door project. 108 Brick series of single glass, according to a high degree of choice of 10 or 12mm glass, the wall frame consists of aluminum alloy profiles, mesh keel into the word to ensure the stability of the overall structure of the wall, the wall panel by the glass and wood material composition; glass panels and wooden panels in contact with the aluminum frame frame, respectively, high-density rubber strips and EVA sealing strips for sound insulation and wall cushioning, in addition to the opaque panel placed noise insulation for the sound insulation can be improved sound insulation.

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