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Project Name : Shanxi Datong Translation YilinPeisen International Education
Address : China Shanxi
Project detail : ice crystal series of single glass curved glass partition


Beijing PDA glass partition company Pearson YilinPeisen ice series single curved glass partition glass project. Profile of structural design, wall thickness of 1.3-2.3mm, its strength is higher than the market similar products of aluminum partition wall profiles; overall thickness of only 50mm, breaking the traditional coarse framework aluminum single glass partition wall design concept, simple appearance, novel and smooth; the outer cover board fastening profiles using a fixed keel design, rapid installation, convenient maintenance outside, only when the cover plate removing damage 150mm, and other profiles can be removed without damage to the glass, reuse rate of more than 90%.

The width of the profile is only 8mm, which breaks through the traditional method of thick, exquisite and meticulous, so that the permeability and the overall feeling of the glass partition wall can be fully realized. 12mm toughened glass, glass using auger sheet, permeability and good flatness; in section set up section and panel, junction profiles and the day, the wall is used in the large, mistress different porous special sealing strips, manufacturing a plurality of cavity noise reduction, sound insulation, completely blocked all the possibility of channel sound transmission, sound insulation performance up to 49 db; all seals are not exposed, the partition wall clean, neat appearance.

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