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Capital Airport Terminal 3 construction is not entirely for the purpose of the Olympic Games; the main purpose is to achieve long-term development strategy of China's civil aviation, the construction of the Asia-Pacific region's largest airport, and

Project Name : Capital International Airport T3 Terminal
Address : Beijing, China
Project detail : Cosmos double glass division of ultra large glass partition


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PDA to build the Capital International Airport T3 Terminal Building cosmos series double division of ultra large glass partition project.108 cosmos series, the wall frame of the day, earth, wall materials are made of high quality steel plate cold-rolled, the surface treatment using electrostatic spraying process (matte black). The center keel is a steel column, and the mesh keel is well connected to ensure the stability of the whole structure of the wall. Wall panels made of glass and wood panels and other materials, surrounded by aluminum frame are made of aluminum alloy, and the use of eight incision processing methods. Glass table board and wooden table plate in contact with the aluminum frame are respectively provided with high density rubber strip and EVA sealant of sound insulation and wall buffer, in addition to the opaque table board is arranged cotton insulation can improve the sound insulation function; rotation system 108MM thickness, wall thickness of 108 MM, the heavens and the earth, by the wall thickness of 76 mm. The door frame width 28 MM, skirting the height of 80 MM, the single glass table plate thickness 10-12 MM, double glass table plate thickness 5-6MM, wooden table plate thickness 12-16MM!

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