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Beijing Wanda Plaza is located in the center of Chaoyang District, east of Chang'an Avenue, on the north side, covering an area of 10 hectares, exploited by Beijing Wanda Plaza Real Estate Development Corporation. And China World Towers, HP building,

Project Name : Wanda Plaza
Address : China Beijing
Project detail : crystal series of double glass shutter partition and single glass door


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PDA construction Wanda Group crystal series double glass shutters and glass doors project, through rigorous mechanical professional testing, profile design thickness of the orderly, wall thickness of 3.0-4.2mm, its strength is much higher than other similar products in the market; National aluminum alloy profiles of high precision level. The wall thickness is 80mm. Skeleton structure is used bite-type buckle design, solid and stable, fully in line with ISO7892 vertical component anti-impact test international standards!

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